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5/16 Providence RI @ The Eldridge

5/20 Western Mass @ Hill’s Eye w/ Father Finger, Sunk Heaven, & Diaphragm.

5/21Ithaca NY @ Tompkins County Workers’ Center w/Sunken Cheek, ESFP, Water Bears

5/22 Buffalo NY ..

5/23 Oberlin OH @ 40 Union

5/24 Cincinnati OH @ Justin Lakes Presents

5/25 Detroit MI @ Nick George Presents

5/26 Chicago IL @ Brett Naucke Presents

5/27 St Louis MO @ Tiffany Minx presents

5/28 Nashville TN @ Miller presents

5/29 Chapel Hill NC @ The NightLight w/Doom Asylum, & Funkss

5/30 Washington DC @ Select DC presents

5/31 Philadelphia PA w/ Pak and Unguent

6/1 Brooklyn NY @ Nick Klein Presents


I have put this under the Performances page of this Tumblr. Will be updating it as the details come, most shows are booked, just looking for a Buffalo gig or some sort of other UPSTATE NY SHOW. If there is any interest in booking a show in UPSTATE NY messaging me here.

White Suns, the Ukiah Drag, Craow

Playing a few shows in Providence next month:

Friday April 4th
Friday April 25th

Will be playing new material


N O S T I L E V O (label review)

Relying and focused on the gritty and worn of side of aural pleasure, Nostilevo released and releases a wide variety of sounds from all places in the US and across the digital/analog borders. Giving home to Tollund Men, Bad User Experience, Traag, Liable, Mammal and Siobhan to name a few, the diversity of Nostilevo is as striking as also rooted in the unperfect balance of sonic detritus, distortion and audio artefacts. The artwork, spliced from xeroxes bits and experimental cut up techniques accompany the releases with a unique note of conceptualism remarkably recitated by lo-fi labels around the world. 

Runned by Liable artist Khris Reinshagen from a unknown location somewhere around Los Angeles, the origin of Nostilevo can be seen in the loose concept of noise and drone, merging the shifting and roaring substance of doom and metal in a more refined and experimental shape. Most releases on the label have a central topic that can be seen in the imagery of decaying riffs and unpolished metrics. The design on the webpage add on further thoughts in this direction- everything is highly contrasted, with the absence of finer shapes and elements. A very basic ground to plant the seed. 

Edited in small runs and with the use of tinted and dainty handmade inner cards each product resembles the previous volumes to mark off a perfect circle of releases. Whenever they stop, all these scattered pieces, collected by individuals from the whole world will form the ashes that are Nostilevo.

Since the stock of available titles is a bit low, we highly recommend you to check in here from time to time.


(via tollundmen)

Me and my best friend Josh (aka Outmode/Lileto ) @ 538 Johnston Brooklyn NYC 01/30/2014 taken by Jain Pain. Killed a bottle of kettle one before the gig with Nick Klein, played the best SOLO Craow set to date (out of personal opinion) that night.
Will be playing my first show after moving to providence and the line up is a sick one.
Washington DC